What Being a Dad Means to Me (and You)

What being a dad means to me and the reasons why being a dad is like a superpower

Being a Dad is the number one accomplishment of my life.

This has been something that I’ve always wanted to be, think of it as my dream job.

However, there are many things in which add up to the overall meaning of being a dad.

What I want to do today is to go through the true meaning of being a dad, and what it means to me. This will give you an insight into what I believe this awesome role entails, plus some thoughts on how it can bring bigger meaning to dads around the world.

Being a Role Model

This is one of the things that I never really knew the true significance of. Being a role model to your children isn’t something that is just a here and gone type thing. It is something that is a constant reminder of your role as a parent.

Being a dad for me, essentially has given me a ton of extra motivation to do better at the things that I know haven’t been the best at. From experience knowing what I always sought after in my dad, plus growing upon the dreams that I have.

A Dad is a role model to any child, I look at it as showing the kids that you know what, our dad is pretty awesome. He’s done X, Y and Z while being able to be a good parent to us.

Where during the time it might seem that it isn’t working at all. I love the fact that I know I am helping mold a good person in each of them.

My thoughts about it are simply that we as Dads (and Parents) have a role that our children look up to. We have to live up to our standard, while showing them how a Man (or Woman) and a parent should be.

Keeping in mind that they are unique individuals as well, and in the end they will develop their own opinions on many different topics, including who has and always will be there.

Seeing Myself in Them

Now this is one of those things that is frankly a bit weird at first. But knowing that traits that you possess are also in your children can be a bit weird. At the same time, when they express them, even the bad ones, how can we get mad right?

I know both of the boys and our daughter have quirks from both of us, and at times it can be extremely frustrating, it is almost humerous.

There are times where I look at my daughter and she does something that I know I do, and I just laugh.

Same with when she does things that her mother does as well. It is almost like a mission accomplished scenario, where we definitely have our daughter that is half and half, the good and the not so good.

But being able to see some of the things that we do, and teach reflect in the kids is a huge accomplishment.

I feel that for me, I love this more than anything.

Having a Natural Bond

Now this is something near and dear to my heart.

Where one of the biggest things that I was told before having our daughter was that when you have kids, your mindset changes naturally.

At first I didn’t really understand that, since we have the boys and I love them more than anything.

When we had our daughter, I knew.

That was the best thing about being a dad by far. Her and I share a bond that is unmatched in nature.

Mind you I did want a Daddy’s Girl, and boy did I get one.

This caught me off guard at first, but something inside me just wanted to make sure she was safe, always.

Now this is one of those things that I want to talk about for a bit. Being a Dad means you have a natural bond, and essentially an obligation to your children. Especially if you have boys, you have to be able to teach them how to be a man, and that responsibility that comes along with it.

Too often in today’s society we will see that “Dad” falling off, and not being able to fulfill this obligation.

From experience, I never will understand why this happens.

For me, I will always have an obligation to all of my children, whether they are biological or not. Even if this means that I have to pick up the slack to where a father figure has failed them.

Being a Dad is a privilege and a blessing. I always will keep this at the top of my mind, and ahead of everything else, even when times are tough.

Once again thank you for reading today, I hope this gave a bit of insight into what I feel being a Dad (Parent) means to me. These can be applied regardless if you are a dad, mom or even grand parent.

As always leave a comment below if you enjoyed it, what does being a parent mean to you?

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