The Harsh Reality about Strong Relationships and True Love

The Harsh Reality about Relationships and True Love, How to Find success in any relationship

What makes up a Strong Relationship?

What makes up Strong Love?

These two questions are ones that will be answered differently from person to person. Unfortunately, there are no two answers that are going to be the same.


There is a harsh reality behind both of these.

Want to know what that is?


Relationships and love consist of some of the most physically, mentally, and emotionally draining things that we as humans can feel.

There will be times to where you think you are on an emotional roller coaster, which seemingly never ends. However, this is just the gravity of both relationships and love.

Where you might be thinking: This seems a bit negative about both of these…

That is far from the truth.

What I am doing for you today is I will be breaking down some of the most important things that I’ve learned about relationships, and love. These will give you a reality check onto what really goes into each of these, and how to make them run a bit more efficiently.

Keep in mind, these are from my personal experiences and mistakes in relationships as well.

Communication of How you Feel

This is going to be one of the hardest of all of these topics. Communication is key to having a smooth running relationship.

Where I’ve fell down the rabbit hole more than once with her, she has stuck by my side until this point as well. However, it is emotionally taxing for your significant other if you aren’t fully open with what is going on with you.

Keep in mind, there is a such thing as over communication as well. This occurs when you talk about EVERYTHING you possibly can. This takes away from the mystique of each other. Where you do want to know things to an extent, but as me personally, I want there to be things that I can continue learning, and asking about every day.

This also takes the form of actually being able to talk to one another.

You have to feel comfortable enough with your significant other to open up about everything that you can, especially if it is vital to your relationship.

This is another shortfall that I have had as well. Like you, I’m human. There are things that slip my mind, literally every second of the day, plus having a mind that is going at a million miles an hour, it is difficult at times to slow that down.

You have to enjoy learning, and sharing as well. This is how communication is truly key in love and relationships. Talk about a hard first section huh?

Always showing Affection to Your Significant Other

See here is one of those tricky ones again.

Showing them affection all of the time is a very tricky ordeal to partake in. For me, I have to be careful, because this can sometimes be overbearing, even though I’m a very loving type of person.

I must say, follow this at your discretion of course.

There comes a point in a relationship where yes, you two need to be individuals as well as a couple. However, when you love someone you find yourself extremely torn between following this and just being crazy affectionate all of the time.

Always think of it this way, it has to be done in moderation (trying to take my own advice as well). However, you cannot forget to be loving. This is a very important portion of being a couple, and must always be expressed in one way or another, even if it is taking care of the dishes. Sometimes we do things that show our love, without showing affection, and these should be taken into consideration as well.

Take it from me, moderation is key.

We have to sit back and make sure we are showing the right types of affection at the right time, unfortunately there is no perfect balance, because we are all different in how we want love.

Work through The Hard Times

See this is one of the things that is obviously the hardest thing you can do in any type of relationship or love.

You have to take it upon yourselves to work through anything and everything that comes your way. No matter what, there is a ton of different things that will hinder your progress not only for yourself, but to your significant other as well.

This is one of those things that you have to be in together to work out. You can’t be one or the other in it. You both have to be on board to work through those times.

Mind you, there is going to be a lot of times to where you are going to struggle in life, especially with relationships.

See the thing is:

You have to be willing to work through the hard times, in order to make it past that and into the good times.

The good times are the fruit of your hard work, and figuring things out. Where it might seem like that struggle, and the figuring it out stage is never ending, it will in fact end. Whether you are going to accept that work, or not.

These things are some of the most important aspects of building a life with another person. This goes with True Love, Strong Relationships, Friendships and everything in between.

Where like most of you, I’m still learning to master, this goes to show you that it isn’t an overnight thing that you will accomplish. You have to be willing to put in the work in order to become great (Just like anything else).

Don’t be down on yourself if some things just seem extremely hard at the moment, this is a vital time for us to learn more about our significant other, and importantly, about ourselves.

Take these more than just face value, from experience just taking that step back and doing some self realization is one of the most important keys to success in relationships.

I hope each of you enjoyed reading this, I take a ton of pride in each post that I publish here, every read means the world to me, just as every share!

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