How I’ve Become a Stay at Home Dad (For the Most Part)

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Being a stay at home dad is something that I never really imagined myself becoming.

Where normally you will see everyone talking about stay at home moms, and moms who are the homemaker etc. Well, you rarely hear about Dads doing the same thing.

I guess this goes with the age old standard of the man of the house working, and being the breadwinner. 

Personally this isn’t something that I find really important, besides I’m a huge advocate of disrupting standards.

However, I know there are a ton of dads out there that do the same thing that I’ve found myself doing. Now, keep in mind, I do also work from home, so its not like I’m solely doing the homemaking, but I try to take the biggest weight off of my wife’s shoulders by doing so.

The First Taste of Being a Stay at Home Dad

Now like I said, this isn’t something that I ever imagined doing, but I wouldn’t change it for anything.

The role of being a dad is extremely important however it is often overlooked by the importance of a mom.

Parents both equally play a huge role in children’s lives, so lets leave that for a different conversation.

For me it started when I decided to transition to working from home, through my virtual business (Libra Web and Marketing Solutions) This is where I do Website Design and Social Media marketing for many different styles of businesses, and help them grow their revenue online.

This was in January of 2018, one of the toughest things that I’ve had to do up until that point of my life.

Mind you, our daughter was only 3 months old at the time.

This gave me the ultimate role of a dad and as a parent to the baby, and the boys alike.


It didn’t last very long until I found myself working in the auto detailing industry around 3 days per week when my wife’s mother wasn’t working and could watch the baby.

Fast forward a few months,

My business was slowly gaining more traction (Still working on this and gaining clients) and I took the plunge to stop working detailing.

This was the first time to where I had to come to terms with not bringing in steady money to our household and focus on being Dad.

The Actual Job of being a Stay at Home Dad

This is the interesting part of the whole journey, what do you actually do as a stay at home dad.

Well, the biggest thing obviously would be being the best dad that you possible can be to your children. Being there to help with all of the homework, answer the millions of questions they have, help them learn life lessons etc.

See most people don’t realize that being a dad is more than just being there.

What I’ve found that I do most is balance between staying busy with work, and cleaning and doing household duties.

That might be a bit off putting, however that is what happens when you are home more than your spouse. 

Now, keep in mind that usually includes: laundry, dishes, cleaning, organizing and cooking.

Plus keep in mind, if your kids are a bit older, you have to drop them off and pick them up from school, every day. So being able to balance everything plus being a kick ass parent is a full time job, plus overtime if you are trying to build a business, or a side hustle to earn money.

What I’ve Learned About Myself from Being a Stay at Home Dad

Here is the tricky part about being a stay at home dad, mental health.

I never thought that I struggled with various mental health issues until I was given time to let everything come down on me. Where by no means I am saying to feel bad for me, just hear me out.

You always learn about yourself when you are given time to reflect on yourself. Being a stay at home dad has given me all of that time and then some. 

I have a Really Busy Mind, and Sometimes you forget about yourself in the chaos.

There are more things that go into life than making all of the money in the world, coming to terms with this has been difficult.

Keep this in mind, I do Freelance and work from home, but it isn’t anything like having a steady job, it is hit and miss.

I’ve learned the harsh reality of letting go of the norm. What I mean by this is simply that I’ve had to let go of my comfort zone.

Yes, Comfort zone.

When you are working a steady job you always are in a level of comfort, knowing that every week, two weeks or month you will have X amount of money in your bank account.

Being a stay at home dad, there is an extreme level of uncertainty.

This is what I’ve had to realize, that I don’t know where things are headed financially, which mentally is extremely tough. If you’ve ever tried to work for yourself or build a business/brand you know the lows when you want to give up. 

I struggle with those lows all of the time, but somehow (especially with encouragement from my wife) I fight my way through it.

It has been a while since I’ve written, and here I am, plugging away.

You Never Know How Comfortable you are, until you aren’t

With that, I would firstly want to thank you for reading this post, I know its been a while, but I’m going to try and get fully back into writing some awesome content for you!

Until Next Time.

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