My name is Dustin Meyer, I am the creator of The Evolutionary Mind.

The Evolutionary Mind started as an idea that I’ve had for years, then it slowly evolved into what it is today.

Where I have taken many different routes for The Evolutionary Mind, I’ve settled into my goal of helping others through Inspiration, Motivation, How To’s and overall Life advice for when you may need it the most.

Where that is my overall goal, I stand behind my words that I am writing for you, and in the end I am the only writer behind this website, all of the content, videos, and beyond has been solely done by me.

I’ve taken the journey through life’s many obstacles throughout my life, and continue to learn each and every day. My journey continues with every word that I write, every adventure I go on, and Regardless of the outcome, I will have something for you to take away from my experience.

Keep in mind,

The biggest thing that I do want to accomplish is inspiring and motivating you, through Relationships, Mindfulness, or even just a small boost for your day. My goal is you.

This isn’t a traditional website or blog, I’m giving you the value that I’ve accumulated through my experiences in order to help assist you in your journey through life.

Where I do have technical experience in many different niches, I won’t be hard-selling courses, coaching, or products. The focus is on helping you, My goal overall is to end up being able to do Motivational Speaking for Kids, Young Adults, Sports Teams, and more. The YouTube Channel that I’ve slowly started is going to cover various topics in which I write about, but it will give you a face behind the words, to let you hear that, as well as read it.

With that being said, I invite you to start your journey alongside me, and together we will be able to get through everything that life has in store for us.

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